Doyle Pines: The Series – Part 2


Jeremy looked past the young girl to see a blonde woman in her mid-thirties storming across the yard toward them. “Get away from her, you weirdo!”

Jeremy was about to speak, but when he opened his mouth, something fast and round hit him square in the teeth! 

He fell, holding his face. He hadn’t noticed the woman was armed with a large bowl of Granny Smith apples until that very moment.

“Get away from my daughter!”

Jeremy was struck again in the head. And again. He rose in an attempt to explain himself, shielding his face with his arms.

“Lady, PLEASE!!!!” He cried. “I don’t remember how I got here!”

“Yeah, right!”

Another apple bounced off of his forearms. 

“Seriously! I was visiting my girlfriend, Kasey,  at her house. We were drinking…”

Another apple accosted his arm defense. 

“Liar!” She yelled. “There’s no one on this street by that name!”

“You know EVERYONE on your street?!”

The force of the impact was harder AND lower than Jeremy had expected. Right in the front of his trousers! 

He immediately uncovered his face to protect the shooting pain that began to course through his body, but no sooner had he uncovered his head when another green apple struck him spot on between the eyes! 

He fell backwards into the soft mound of soil near the plants, slowly sinking in, when he saw the blonde woman standing over him. She dropped the bowl of apples and motioned to her daughter to move aside, a look of concern covering her once angry face. 

 Jeremy could not hear for the soil in his ears as she spoke, but as he began to lose consciousness, he could feel the soft kisses on his face. The warm, wet tongue as he slipped away into darkness….



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