We Salute…

All of the lights that shine. Red and white and blue. I breathe tonight… Because of you. All of the pride I feel. Deep inside of me. I’m free tonight… Because you bleed. All of the freedom that transcends… Without your courage… Would not exist. I can never repay you. I can only remain true… … More We Salute…

Le Baiser

I’ve seen the lights of City Center on July the fourth. I’ve walked through snow in cold of winter near the Kansas north. I watched the world spin ’round the sun until the moon’s eclipse. ….but nothing done has tasted sweeter than to touch your lips. I’ve loved and lost and learned to love the … More Le Baiser


Why are you searching? Why are you incomplete? Why are you certain you’re imperfect and cannot compete? What is your purpose? What is this fatal sting? What was the reason you’re believing you’re not anything? I’ve seen your every change. I’ve seen your every chance. I’ve seen the rain after the pain makes even rivers … More Celestial

Worry The Moon

I won’t worry the moon. If you won’t stay in the room. Maybe we quit too soon. We let our fits baloon. I won’t shed any tears. If you won’t share any years. Maybe love faded to fears. Grated our cadence in beers. But I won’t worry the moon. It’s up all night. Why trouble … More Worry The Moon