Soul Drugs

Dance your dance.Yeah, shake it!Make it!Take this chance….Soul Drugs. Make your move.Yeah, drive in!Dive in!Shoot your shot….Soul Drugs. High on happenstance.Stoned on serendipity. Why loose the light of life to live and love it surreptitiously? Get that thing.Yeah, cop it!Drop it!Demon or Hellcat….Soul Drugs. Tell your fable.Yeah, teach it!Preach it!My life in verse….Soul Drugs. Strung… Read More Soul Drugs



Faded She don’t really love me ‘les she’s gone.. Faded And I know that she hates me when I’m… Faded Please forgive me my emotions, y’all I’m just…. Faded And I ain’t even tryin’ to shake it! Faded ‘Cause what she did just ain’t what they did! ‘Cause it’s Wednesday and I ain’t been paid… Read More Faded


All lives are freeAll lives are freedDisparityDisparity Some were relievedSome disbelieveThey can achieveThey can achieve No one can seeNo one can beEverythingEverything I still believeI still perceiveAnythingAnything