4 thoughts on “Be True 2 U

  1. Hello! Well look what I found here…you always were a creative writer and more.
    But still a pleasant surprise.
    Today I thought of you. You ran into my mind…and I truly want to see how u r doing. Let me know.
    Hope this is ok,
    you take care


  2. Happy Thanksgiving to u as well! As u may know I don’t typically celebrate it at this time but do acknowledge it. And I’m thankful for many things, including the ups and downs. Becuz we r still blessed.
    Didn’t know if u were still active on here since your last post was dated a while back.
    Glad it worked to get in touch wit ya.

    And well…there’s quite alot of your pieces to read now, don’t know if I’ll be able to go thru em all. 😏 Some r familiar, some not so much but it’s cool. U r expressing yourself the best way u know how and being you. That’s awesome…and talent.
    Anyway don’t mean to blow up your wall lol.
    Feel free to reach out privately.
    Hope everyone is well



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