Matthew Arthur is an aspiring author from Houston, Texas. Once homeless as an adult, Matthew fell into a terrible depression. He was, however, free to explore the depths of mankind and he began searching for the “light within the darkness” as he put it. His time there compelled him to keep a journal of his experiences and led him to his true passion in writing. A proud father of three children, Matthew continues to pursue his desire to be a bestselling author.

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    1. Hello Kelley. Thanks for checking out my page. The title is a fusion from my teenage years between my nickname ‘Saint’ and residing on the south ‘west’ side of Houston, Texas. It simply evolved into ‘Saintswest’ as I never really left Southwest Houston, Tx.

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  1. A pleasure to meet you Matthew. Sounds like you have lots of life experience to draw on for book material. I wish you great success as a writer. Thanks for visiting and following my blog. Yours looks interesting…I will stay a while and read up.


      1. Thanks for the lovely compliment Matthew. I recall years ago being at a writers’ conference and the speaker at one of the workshops I attended started his talk by telling our group of approx. 50 wannabe writers that only 10% of us would actually make it as writers. I decided then and there that I would be one of those five writers. And I did make a career out of writing. You gotta love writing because it takes determination and a certain amount of sacrifice. But I have to say I loved every minute of it and still do! Bev

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      2. Amazing. I am truly awestruck to see people already doing what I as yet have only dared dream. Thank you for your honesty as well. I love to tell my stories and with some luck and determination I hope to tell them globally.

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  2. A Texan! Awesome! I miss Texas – lived there 22 years, raised my daughter there. I’ve read a log of blogs here on WordPress, and yours has been (and will keep being, I’m sure) one of the best I’ve found. Keep writing – whatever you do in life, keep writing. It’s clearly a calling.


      1. My pleasure, Matthew. I’m glad you found something you like on my blog. πŸ™‚ Have a relaxing evening (morning?) and a great weekend.


  3. Right now, in my home, I have my homeless friend, Lee. He’s an amazing man and has been an amazing friend. In eleven days, I’ll be moving to Harlingen, TX. Once there, I’m going to read more of your blog. You sound very interesting. πŸ™‚

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  4. I came to visit because you left a follow with me today. I clicking your follow also. Enjoy the journey together. I will look forward to seeing the situation of homelessness from the viewpoint of one who has walked the talk.

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  5. Thanks for visiting my site. When past ninety, Pablo Casals was asked why he continued to practice cello so intensely. His response: “I think I’m making progress.” His answer will do for me. I’ll write on, regardless – as we all must!

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    1. Thank for these words of wisdom and thank you for visiting my site as well. I will write on! I can plan to be the best author that I can possibly be so I gleefully accept this challenge


      1. Thank you Matthew. Your kind words are much appreciated. Make sure that your light continues to shine. Looking forward to reading your work.

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  6. You have a gorgeous blog, and clearly a testimony that God’s hand is securely on your life–Hallelujah! I love Houston because my cousin, the dearest person in the world to me, lives there πŸ˜‰ I wish you all the best blessings from God’s Abundance!

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