A World Without Jenny

Courtesy of http://www.megazdrave.com

Jenny, Jenny
Very friendly after curfew
She’d leave her number and her
Hunger in the boy’s room

She was the apple of my
Natural ninth grade eye
Want to wife her at the chapel
All through junior high

But wifey wasnt what
Her lonely heart desired
She needed to be touched
And held by many guys

I never judged you, Jenny,
I had such love for you
How could I know that
Mr.Ross was touching you?

You told your mom and
What did she tell you to do?
Jump in a lake? For heaven’s
Sake, she meant it too!

Nowhere to run and no one
Home who wanted you
I asked you, Jenny,
What is anyone to do?

You said that all you wanted
In this world was love
Just a taste of human race
Gave you a buzz

Tell me why is it you
Would’nt let me love you?
Were you ashamed of all the other
Guy’s who touched you?

Was it because I never once
Tried to approach you,
With something less than all
My best meant to promote you?

I still remember when you
Cried and ran away
You said you wanted time
But time, it never came

I got the news around two
In the afternoon
Some fellas laughing at your
Passing in the bathroom

How could this life have let you slip right through it’s hands?
How could the world not have seen fit for your advance?

I blamed myself at every moment,
Every chance
Because I knew that you were meant for bigger plans.

I’m all grown up, Jenny,
I wish that you could see
The change of heart that day
That changed my life for me

Maybe I’ll see you someday
When of this world I’m free
I hope to get to heaven
I plan eternity

I won’t imagine that you spent
This time in burning
Lord, please watch over Jenny
We were ALL still learning

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