Courtesy of goodvibeblog.com

I am a strong wind
I am unequalled
I am the lost friend
I am the people

I am the first one
I am unbeatable
I am the last son
I am a hero

If I am the last man that you see
How will your life remember me?

If I am the last one you will know
How will my final story show?

Will I be the potion?
Will I be the fiercest?
Will I be a no one?
Will I make the Forbes list?

Will I be your inspiration?
Will I set your soul free?
Will I help to heal a nation?
Will I destroy boundaries?

If I am the first thing in your day
How will I cause your life to change?

If I am the farthest from your life
How will my distance change your nights?

I am the lone wolf
I am a best friend
I am a strong hook
Guiding the next men

I will be known for pain
I will be known for joy
I count the flecks of gray
Inside I’m just a boy

If I am not designed to tell my tale
Why am I compelled to tell the world?



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