Teenage Heaven

I never even knew that I was wrong.
But I was wrong…
I turned away my love for you.
I promised I would never do.

I can see the writing on the wall…
I said I’d never be my dad.
…what I did was twice as bad.

I cannot apologise.
There’s no recompense.
There are no words to help define…
This brutal injustice.

I love you.
Hollow words from empty heart?
A selfish, foolish sentiment?
To mend your broken heart?

You see me as I truly am.
I never meant to lose you.
In my heart, I thought I’d choose you.
It’s my love that seems to bruise you.

One love.
I only dreamt of unity.
I admit, I failed there miserably.
It’s up to me to make you free.

Up to me to help you be.
You sacrificed for other’s joy.
The finest measure of a man,
Within my youngest boy.

I will not allow you hurt again.
No matter who the perpetrator.
No matter what the cost.
You can save this note for later…

…And read it back.

Mark my words and please remember.
2018, 2, September.
You just became The Arthur’s Center.

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