I met a face along the road;
Some countenance from long ago.
I said to him “how could this be?”
“How do you walk? How do you breathe?”

He flashed a smile, no word to share.
He brushed me by without a care.
I turned to speak in my despair.
He vanished in the masses there.

“I killed you!” My lips confessed.
“I ripped the heart out from your chest!”
“Now you’ve returned to haunt me?”
“No, this can’t be for the best!”

As all the people walking stare,
I noticed him still standing there.
His silent rage and searing glare.
Proved more to me than I could bare.

“I never meant to kill you so!”
“I begged for you to let me go!”
“You asked for this! You tore my soul!”
“A pacifist who fights for no!”

He shook his head and walked away.
A gesture more than words could say.
The years have passed me since that day.
But not what brought a world so gray….



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