Dear, Peerless

“She is unequalled and without measure. If her heart is broken, you must mend it.” – Saintswest

Dear, Peerless! What a day!

What a day.

In the midst of my division, like a vision, clear as day.

I thought to say hello.


But the words I should not say, not be heard, not be paid.

You were with me all along.

All along.

While I sought to make amends, I begin to live a song.

‘All My Life’ from ’98.

No debate.

Every lyric, I could hear it, washing over me like fate.

I would never break your heart.


Even when I’m not so smart, I won’t tear our love apart.



  1. Maybe I have no clue, but is it possible that she might have such love for you, that she already knows that, and it’s impossible to break her heart because of that? (I say such strange things at times, and in public; Ah-ha-ha-ha!!!) But, your assurances and ministrations will be part of the glue to hold it together. Your stunning painting really breaks my heart. Oops… wait…

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