I am insecure in my self. I am afraid of failure to the point where I have failed to try. Even when I am certain of my authority in a subject, I second guess my own abilities.

I have failed to live up to my own expectations as well as what society has expected of me. As a husband. A son. A brother. Even as a father, I have come up decidedly short of what I should have been.

And, frankly, I should have been amazing…

…But the truth for me is I have enjoyed living my life MY way. I have lost and gained and lost again and if I were given the off chance to somehow go back and do it all differently….

….I would adamantly have changed nothing….well…..very little.

Score Card (based entirely on outcome):

 – 0




11 thoughts on “TRUTH and CONSEQUENCES #2

      1. So why haven’t you given any points towards recognizing and telling the truth? Is it an illusion so make others think you’ve lost when actually, you’re winning?

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      2. Hmmm… Interesting. I truly didn’t think of it that way. I suppose I recognize the truth in this one, and though I personally view the consequence as a victory, the truth is I lost. I hadn’t actually thought of rewarding the truth for being told before…

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      3. See you didn’t lose after all you recognized the truth, which means you won! Especially, if you have trouble recognizing and expressing truth. I think the score is truth 2 consequences 2.

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      4. Well I’ll be. I have to admit that one. The score REALLY is 2 and 2, isn’t it? I find it so hard to express truth that I even failed to credit myself when I finally did. Well done, my friend. I truly have to think about this one now.

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