February: Enter the Chaos

Ever since I can recall, February has been that month. I mean, everyone has a that month, right? You know? The month where EVERY DAY is planned for SOMETHING to happen?

Yeah…that month.

February 1 

  • It begins on the first with Black History Month AND my good friends birthday. She’s been amazing to me since day one. I got her at least once a year. No matter what.

February 4

  • Happy Birthday Devin! My awesome nephew. 15 years old?! Already?! Geez…

February 5

  • Superbowl Sunday! Since I don’t give a flying front flip about either team playing (sorry, but I’m Texan bitter!) I’ll be watching the commercials ONLY!
  • Side note I’m completely lying!

February 6

  • Happy Birthday Nico! My little NBA star in the making. Love you, Skinny Puppy!

February 12

  • Happy Birthday to my AGELESS elder sister. The years pass by, but you look the EXACT same as you did in high school. 

February 14

  • Valentine’s Day! The day for lovers and friends. And, of course, the birthday of a very special woman as well.

February 18

  • Happy Anniversary Raymond and his lovely wife Mykesha. Still going strong. That’s my boy!

February 19

  • Happy Anniversary to my own lovely parents! What is it now? Like, a hundred years together? Still in love? Wow! #marriagegoals

February 23

  • Happy Birthday, J-Boy. My lone blood brother. Many happy returns, fam!

February 27

  • Yet another birthday, last but certainly NOT least. I’m very glad I met you, Leigh Ann.

February 28

  • Mardi Gras! See you lovely people in New Orleans!

And there are numerous preparations and holidays scattered in there as well that will likely break my bank account, but hey…they’re ALL worth it! 

Thank heavens it’s the shortest month of the year….



    • @randyjw Why thank you. So kind of you to notice honestly. Yes, I LOVE the color blue and if 2016 was my year for darkness and sadness then 2017 thus far has shown me nothing but the opposite. I feel blessed and grateful.

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