You Can’t Make This Stuff Up…

So Leigh-Ann and I are really good friends. REALLY good. Like, pick-up-the-kids-from-school-because-I’m-chilling type good. She’s a sweet heart and an amazing person. She would be the future Mrs.Arthur I’m sure…

…if she had ANY interest in me whatsoever….

…but that hasn’t deterred our natural chemistry. With her permission of course, I present just a sample of the pandemonium/bliss/hilarious banter we exchange every single time we meet….

…granted, i slept over after work on my overnight shift, i left early to go get my sister from work. I had just dropped her home….



…as you can clearly see, if Leigh-Ann were a guy I would have socked him right in the kisser! How DARE she play with a hungry, non-rich friends emotions this way? 

I was so ready for that filet too…

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