The Chronicle: Day 1

Lifting weights and running on treadmill’s had taken me farther than I had ever been in my life as far as physical fitness. I felt so new, so refreshed! 2016 was so full of promise in January and looking back months later, it did not disappoint. My finances are under control. My love life is blossoming. My children are growing from spoiled boys to admirable men. Life was good…

…then I went to the doctor’s office after a dizzy spell forced me to miss work one day. Through all of the exercising this year, my blood pressure still remains alarmingly high and played a major factor in my dizziness. 

I was at a loss as to what else I could do to lower my beats (178/125) and my doctor prescribed medication. I hate medication! But I took it for the moment in hopes that I can find some alternative to them in the near future.

…one seems to have presented itself immediately…

To be continued…

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