Doyle Pines: The Series – Part 8

“What are you doing, you f***tard! Run! My boyfriend is going to kill you!!!”

Abruptly, the young woman jumps aside as the window shatters into the room accompanied by a size 15 Nike! Jeremy leapt from his trance and over the little princess in one bound, running on hands and feet in desperation to escape the room. The old man’s voice was course in his ears as he flew past him in a blur.

“Hey!!! Get back here so my son can kick your pretty, little a**!!!”

Jeremy didn’t look back once. He found himself in a hallway, scrambling to get his balance and searching for a way out of this mad house he found himself in. He saw a suit of armor standing near a staircase, thoughts of ‘Scooby Doo’ in his mind now. No, he decided, that’s the first place these nut jobs would look for him.

“He’s out here somewhere!” a voice bellowed from behind. “I can still smell the guy!”

“Churchill! Sick ’em, boy! Get that smelly, brassiere-wearing homewrecker!”

Jeremy swore silently, then darted for the open door across the hallway and slammed the door behind him. It was a bathroom, barely visible in the soft flicker of candlelight. He immediately locked the door and started to back away when he tipped over a small trash bin on the floor. It’s loud, metallic clang resonated menacingly around the small chamber.


Jeremy’s blood went as cold as ice. He turned slowly and found himself facing a drawn shower curtain. The gentle flick of candles behind revealed the silhouette of a person behind it; a woman.

“Ted, for crying in the rain! I told you I just want to relax for a little while!” Said the voice behind the curtain. A very familiar voice,  Jeremy soon realized. “What do you want?”

Jeremy said nothing. Instead he looked at the door and moved to leave, but the steady sniffing just beneath the space under the door changed his mind. Suddenly, Churchill began yapping and scratching at the bathroom door as loud as he possibly could.

“Churchill!!! Be quiet! I’m in here with daddy! You’re just going to have to wait!!!”

Jeremy closed his eyes and breathed in deeply. He exhaled slowly and was just about to speak when a loud pounding reverberated from the other side of the closed bathroom door.

“Are you freakin’ kidding me?! Now you’re in the bathtub with my MOM too?!”



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