Le cœur du ciel (Heaven’s Heart)

Imagination never showed me what you’d do to me.
The way you touch a n***a softly is still new to me.
And when you’re walking, thighs are talking, moving fluidly.
So I can speak your body language ever fluently.

Is it the fullness of my lips that make you wanna kiss?
The bliss of mighty fingertips that glide across your hips?
Is it everything that you have ever dreamed or wished?
To have a brutha like no other that you’ll never miss?

You sink your teeth into my flesh without a second guess.
And grip the strength of all my love and hold it to your chest.
You say you love it when I love you and we’re coalesced,
Body quaking, nearly achin’ from what I invest.

Am I the object of your absent minded fantasies?
Your desires I require to fulfill my needs.
I ain’t happy til you’re napping under weakened knees.
And you glisten from my mission making you believe.



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