Doyle Pines: The Series – Part 7

“I-I-I don’t remember trying to make out with ANYONE’S girlfriend!” Jeremy stammered, his eyes searching for the nearest exit. They rest upon the window near the fireplace. Suddenly, the grip upon his shoulder tightens.

“Not this window jumping bull-corn again!” The old man laughed. “Boy, didn’t you learn ANYTHING from last night? You darn near killed yourself in my peach tree!”

“No!” Jeremy shouted, frantically moving for the window. The old man held him firmly. “I don’t remember ANYTHING!”

“Boy, you were so s**t-faced you stuffed my sweet, little Churchill in a pillowcase and started dancing around the room!”

The large ex-military man begins to prance about, mimicking Jeremy’s actions from the night before.

“It’s a pillow! It’s a pet! It’s a Pillow Pet!”

The little princess frowns up at her father.

“Daddy! Let him go!”

The old man slowly released his grip on Jeremy’s shoulder. He leans in near his ear and speaks softly.

“Very muscular, numbskull. Do you workout?”

The young man ran over to the window and opened the curtains wide only to see someone staring back at him from the other side; a young, muscular man in a basketball jersey. His face was contorted with rage as he yelled so loudly the glass in the window shook.

“Jeremy! You turd! I’m gonna kill the h**l outta you!”

The young man outside of the window cocked his large fist back to strike, but there was no glass breaking…

 Jeremy stood aghast, staring out of the window into the front yard. Standing between the angry man and the living room window was the first familiar thing Jeremy could recall in this entire ordeal; a familiar face that stared into his own, albeit a bit confused. Jeremy found the words forming on his lips, a smile slowly parting them.




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