Lady, I Surrender

Lady, I Surrender.
Look! My hands are in the air!
All my strength was no contender
Once your make-up ran from tears.

I admit that I was wrong!
I cannot take all the blame,
But since I can’t pretend to love your pain,
I’m happy to refrain.

I recognize your work!
I tried to implement a change!
Can’t you see that it’s the change in me
That to pushed you out of range?

Out of touch with who I am
And who you were before I grew!
All our battles old we still patrol…

You and I are similar to what we need from one another.
But I am not your child!
So hear me out!
I need no second mother!

I can’t convince you, can I?
Bags are packed and leaving soon.
Just believe when you walk out that door,
You take my heart with you.

Perhaps it’s for the best.
After all, we both have grown.
While you’re starting over with someone else,
I’ll keep building to this home.

Farewell, my dear.
I will always have a place inside my heart for you,
That starves for you….
….until it is replaced.



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