3 Word Tales #45

“…not like this…”


8 thoughts on “3 Word Tales #45

      1. I’ve read my weight in books about it and watched I don’t even know how many documentaries. Oh oh oh!!!! Some pompous rich guy from New Zealand set out to remake the ship. Construction was actually started and maiden voyage was proposed for this year but died off in 2014 because he had such awful money problems. He’s apparently one of those characters that dreams these huge plans, more like ridiculous stunts, and never finishes them because he’s always in trouble somehow with his own companies. Google it. Shame. But maybe someone else will pick up the project soon!!

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      2. That sounds….. AWESOME!!! I wanna be on this Titanic, but if we tried to set sail unfinished, I’m certain we’d suffer the same fate as the original. Fascinating stuff though. I wonder if we’ll ever see that in our lifetime.

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