Realness, Relationships and Reaching for the stars

In this life we live, it is inevitable that we will meet different types of people in it. Some good for us, some not so good, but all a learning experience without a doubt.
In our relationships and friendships, these particular subjects become even more apparent.

There are essentially three types of people that will enter your life and stay, though admittedly, the roles that I’m about to list here may change for the individuals in your life over time:

    1. The one who leads your walk
  • This person may be a spiritual leader, a teacher, a relative or whom ever who has done the things you plan to do and has achieved the things you plan to achieve. Their guidance and reassurance is affirmation that you can attain your goals in life.
    1. 2. The one who walks beside you
    • Every winning walker has a companion; Someone who will know exactly how you got to where you are going because you both shared the journey together. A compatriot, a friendly rival and a confidant, this person will be with you to share the ups and downs of your life goals.
      3. The one you will lead
    • A few steps behind you in your walk, we must assist this one as they begin their journey. This person may be a child, a friend, a family member, etc. The age is not as important as the journey. Essentially, you will be this person’s “One who leads your walk” and good stewardship is required.

        These relationship roles have been the key to the healthy friendships and lasting bonds in my own personal experience, and have been essential in helping to my own goals in life. Why surround ourselves with doubters and naysayers? Why waste time on “dead end” relationships that are based on absolutely nothing? 

        My advice to anyone, no matter what their goals or desires, would be to reflect what we wish to see in others. Maturity. Self-awareness. Self-love. Honesty. Trust. Hope.

        We are all in someway “damaged”, but let he who desires repair take the first step! Ask yourself what you wish to be surrounded by for the rest of your life, and then move towards that goal. 

        For me?  I wish to be surrounded by realness and peace and love and self-worth from Earth into eternity.

        It all begins today, my friends…

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