Choose Love

It isn’t always easy to listen to someone’s side when you know that they have wronged you. Or to be the bigger person when you are angry and put your anger aside.

Just know that these things are not in your better interest, my friends, and however enticing it may be to lash out or “get even”, I encourage you today to simply choose love.

Just for today, to start.

No matter what they may have done to anger you, be it a family member or a co-worker. If your children are testing you, or your husband or wife, make the conscious choice today to take that deep breath and smile at them in the face of this adversity and choose love today.

This is how we grow as individuals, not only through receiving love in the best of times but also learning to give love in the worst of times.

In all you do today, my friends, I implore you to choose love. We are stronger than anything else we will face today.



  1. Even when everything else is just literally asking that we “unbottle” and let out all those ugly emotions that we believe we have the right to be feeling and to express,
    Love is still the best option.

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    • @Imaobong So true, my dear. It’s natural to want to fire off at an offender, but it doesn’t make it right. You’ll feel better soon, but the long run will not help. To forgive is to lead by example; to encourage a better means of resolution.


  2. Great words @Saintswest. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in our own thoughts and emotions. Letting go and seeing a situation from another persons perspective provides so much learning. Thanks for the reminder.

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