Doyle Pines: The Series – Part 5


The large man opened his eyes suddenly, a look of shock and surprise covering his pucker-lipped face.
Jeremy turned slightly, searching for the person from which the voice came. Standing in the doorway, barely visible through his cloudy peripheral vision, was a small figure there. It seemed to be standing akimbo, fists on hips, and looking in their direction. Judging by the tone of it’s voice, Jeremy surmised, it was no more pleased with the large man’s actions than he was.

“Uh…hi, sweetheart. When did you get home?”

“Daddy, why are you trying to kiss my boyfriend?”

Jeremy’s ears perked up. He tried to turn to see the girl who was speaking, but the large man forcefully yanked him closer to him.

“You mean to tell me this beautiful little cupcake came here for you?!” The large man licked his lips instinctively. Jeremy clasped his hands together as if praying.

“Daddy, PUT HIM DOWN!!!”

The large man shrugs and drops Jeremy to the floor in a heap. “No skin off my twins, darlin’. He ain’t even my type.”

The old man casually walks over to the sofa and sits, staring wildly at Jeremy, his eyes never moving to look anywhere else.

Jeremy turned quickly, gathering himself to face the object of his affections; perhaps his internet girlfriend could help him piece together the past few hours, he hoped. Or at the very least be a familiar face of comfort and sympathy.

What faced him was a complete shock! Standing there in the doorway was a young teenage girl, dressed from head to toe like a Disney princess. Her tiara gleamed in the light from the hallway, almost seeming to glow.
Jeremy stared in disbelief as she ran up to him, wrapping her stout arms around his waist.

“Hello, Jeremy!” The young girl began,smiling ear to ear. She buried her face in his chest.

“Why are you still wearing that corset, love? Did you not make it home last night?”



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