Can You Help Me Understand? #14

Can you help me understand…

…why I seem to only meet well educated, highly motivated and absolutely adorable women from other countries…who have no interest whatsoever in staying in the USA?



    • Hello, mySestina. I lack a formal collegiate level education admittedly, but I do feel I boast a greater than average education in life and it’s numerous variables. But if we are attracted, my friend, why do they not wish to remain in my country? They all seem to just be “passing through.”

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      • An ex girlfriend (from another country as well come to think of it) once cried to me one night. She said that because of how I love, I will love again. She said that she may not, however, because she was not so free with hers. I realized she was right. I am a hopeless romantic always searching for love, so when I find that tiny glimmer I either dive all in or run from potential heartache. It’s a strange dilemma. One that certainly does not seem likely to keep a woman from another land here while she must “guess” my intentions. It would not be fair to her.

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    • Hello, Ms. Gomez 😊 Yes, I feel that what I have had to offer financially or otherwise has been lacking and that only recently have I even found myself stable enough to even attempt to balance family, work and romantic relationships. The attraction is clearly there between myself and my potential future, but somewhere along the way we fail to launch. I’m hard-pressed to find out why. Thank you so much for your kind words and input on my situation, my friend.

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