They, Formed of Dust

They, Formed of Dust.
Everything stepped over and spit on.
The Earth, covered in the stuff.
The first of us return to the ground.

They, Formed of Dust.
Their loyalties challenged by royalties.
In God do we trust?
When our spiritual leaders are busted immorally?

They, Formed of Dust.
The valley of flesh,
At war with us!
No more to rust,
Polish your armor
And join the procession with us.

They, Formed of Dust!
Genesis two seven to a new heaven!
We take all our lust and return to the dust and we pray that we learned better!



  1. Your writing style is so unique. You show transparency yet there is also mystery. You are inspiring. What I mean by that is when I read your poems, it makes me want to go even deeper within my being to see what else lies underneath. I pray your desire to become a bestselling author comes true; not just for yourself but for all of us.

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    • Wow. I’m truly speechless. Thank you for your kind words. I am so glad that I inspire you and I honored to bring you my poems. I thank you for inspiring me today to dig deep and find a way to express how truly grateful I am for your words….I’m totally failing, however.


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