Lyric of my Life #22

“Dont call. Come get me. ‘Cause i need your help. I’d fall in my misery
if you weren’t there.
I know I’m a mystery, and sugar, that ain’t fair. Don’t call. Come get me. And I’ll be right here.”

– Leon Timbo Don’t Call

2 thoughts on “Lyric of my Life #22

  1. It seems to me that a person experiencing sever depression would utter the above, they would be waiting for outside help and not knowing how to help themselves. That was the feeling I got from the post and it made me think of my friends who suffer from the same. I read through it several times. Very sad lyric today.

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    1. Definitely. Oddly, this song took root in my life at a time when I thought I was happy and realized that my happiness was dependent on the happiness of others. This song helped me realize how toxic this was and eventually (with prayer, family and good friends) I was able to break free of the unhealthy symbiosis and find the happiness inside of me. This song, this lyric, represents the darker time I must not ignore and the light on the other side.


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