12 Years of Joy

Even at 11 weeks, you were a force in our lives.

12 years old. Wow! Has it really been that long? It seems only yesterday that this was you, the littlest Arthur in the world. So adorable and full of wonder about everything! You had my heart even then, son.

Across the generations, the Arthur child with the big ears and bigger cheeks simply loves to punch things! We are who we are… forcefully, apparently.

As you grew, the inevitable comparison’s came. “He looks like you!” “He has your eyes!” “He acts like you!” And my favorite, “Why is he punching Percy?!” 

For me, the answers were pretty obvious. You are my son. My “mini Matt” and it showed from day one. The same unapologetic uniqueness and individuality that I had believed made me different was front and center in you. What a joy to see how you would take on the world in your own unique ways.

My “Bear” as he is today. Full of light on this, his birthday.

My youngest son. My heart outside of my chest. My Mikey. This is a tribute to you on your special day to say how much I love you, young sir. And though I’m certain that somehow you’ll find all of this attention embarrassing, know that I do this out of love and not to make you feel badly in any way. 

You are an amazing person, a great brother and a caring son. 

Happy Birthday, Micah! I love you!

18 thoughts on “12 Years of Joy

  1. He is such a charismatic little man. Happy Birthday, Micah! My daughter lost her first tooth two nights ago. I look at her and get all broody and think. ‘I really want another child’ then I look at the state of the world, 9 months of body changes, labour and wonder… Am I ready? anyway time passes too quickly. Treasure each moment. Have a great day x

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    1. Awww. Thank you, Daisy. Always a pleasure! First tooth? Wow! Those days are so amazing because everything is still so new to them and to you. Definitely a time to treasure, my friend. Enjoy your day as well, my dear.


  2. I came to the party late
    but better late than never
    My daughter is ten
    Starts fifth grade in a couple of weeks
    She’s been asking for the car keys
    enjoy it while it lasts that’s what I’m doing
    Her smile melts my heart
    And there ain’t nothing I can do about it
    The Sheldon Perspective

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    1. My friend, I am RIGHT THERE with you. My son, all of them really, turns me to sand without intention. They are good, strong young men who have moved towards Christ recently. I could not be prouder of them. They steal my heart every day.


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