His Dark Truth 

I’ve never been jealous
And I’m so confused 
Perhaps I’ve been careless 
And sorely misused

I heard you were crying 
Surrounded by friends 
The thought leaves me dying 
I make no ammends

No longer your champion 
You fell from your throne
I should have been dancin’
To watch you burn Rome

Instead I was wounded
Mortally scarred
Regardless what you did 
We are who we are

Who came to your rescue?
With sword and with shield?
I’d rush to stand next to
You on battlefield 

Who then was to blame
When I had arrived
And you had been claimed
By some other guy?

You never sent for me
You never declared
You never did need me
You asked why I’m there

To this, I’ve no answer
Except with the truth
I just took a chance there
Because I loved you

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