My Future Wife

The mindset of my future wife will mirror this…for this view mirrors my own. 
It’s not ‘common sense‘ as once I had presumed, but it is very much a requirement in my life. While my children have a mother already, (and essentially a very good one) the fact that I require a woman who has this mindset for myself is still true as not only would I love more children some day but I also believe someone who would put my children before herself is a nessecity and a blessing. And not a mystery or a dream. 
I put my stepson before myself long before his mother gave birth to his two younger brothers. It was a choice to be there for him. To provide for his needs. His well being. Because of my love for his mother, I sacrificed for her son. And fortunately I grew to love him as much as she and our bond to this day is unlike any other I’ve ever been privileged to share.
If we as individuals can learn to look outside of ourselves and stop thinking of children or others as a hindrance to personal wellness, financial freedom or general ‘baggage‘ and start seeing the potential for growth not only within the child but in ourselves as well we will truly advance. You like to workout? Take the kids jogging with you. Like to cook? Bring them into the kitchen. You like to write? Read to them. Encourage them to write their own stories. 
A husband and wife are meant to be forever, and children most certainly are. Whether yours by birth or by choice, care for them. It is always a wise choice.

2 thoughts on “My Future Wife

  1. Thank you! I see this attitude ALL the time, children are just in the way, just holding you back from your dreams ect. So sad!
    People really need to start acting and thinking like adults, especially when they are in charge of future adults. I know it’s not easy, but being a parent isn’t, and never will be, so suck it up and try love, it makes everything easier…


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