10 Things… #2

10 Things…that should be a red flag that you’re dating the wrong person for you.

10. If you are over the age of 30 and are dating someone who has never heard of Jodeci, Nirvana, Garth Brooks, Nickelodeon’s Doug or Surge soda…dump them immediately! Either they were living under a rock throughout the entirety of the nineties or they weren’t born yet. In the case of the later, seek immediate counseling 😉

9. They’re up all night texting and calling someone other than yourself. It’s not a friend like he/she told you it was. Friends go to bed at some point. Just sayin’…

8. She/he doesn’t want a child with you, but she/he says they love you. Process this one, people. Not “I don’t want kids/more kids” or “Maybe later” but “I do NOT want children with YOU!”Umm…how does that work then?

7. Their family members keep using your social security number to open lines of credit at Conn’s Electronics. Though you’ve asked them repeatedly to stop, you laugh at the irony of their practice and business establishment everytime you check your credit score.

6. They’re dating someone other than yourself. Why? WHY is this an acceptable practice for you? Do you not deserve exclusivity? Huh?! Answer me, Brenda!!! Did I deserve to be waiting at IHOP until 6:00 a.m. because he drives a Bentley!? I paid for BOTH meals!!!

….ate ’em both, too…

…bet Mr.”I Drive A Bentley” can’t do that, huh?

5. Physical abuse. I’m not talking wedgies and wet willies here (that’s what I pay my psychiatrist for) but striking your partner is very nearly always a poor choice. Don’t dish it, don’t take it. Period.

4. “Financial insecurity” is a term I’ve coined for this post and THIS post alone. Any reuse of this term without the express written consent of Saintswest is strictly prohibited. Just kidding! But being insecure in one’s finances is no laughing matter. If you have a bill, be certain you have the finances available to cover the bill.

…like I covered that bill for two meals at IHOP… didn’t I, Brenda?

3. Intimacy is the foundation on which strong relationships are built. Now, now, I don’t mean purely physical intimacy. Hearts and minds must touch if body’s are to fully enjoy one another. If that chemistry is lacking, send that clown packing!

2. Roaring Gastric Emissions. “RGE” effects one out of every ten minutes I’m with my lover. I thought she was just nose blind to them, but then I saw her speeding away in that #$%& Bentley! Curse you, Brenda! I thought we were stronger than a little ‘pooting’ 😞

1. I’m absolutely NOT the person to receive advice from for checking ‘red flags’. If some of my advice has helped you in any way…well…your love life must really suck.

…or you’re with Brenda in that Bentley somewhere😢

What’s your top 10 for yourself?
Did I miss anything you might have picked instead?
Feel free to sound off because I love hearing from you!

Until next time, when I think up 10 new things…

Have an amazing day, my friends!



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