6 Months – A Sincere Appreciation to you all

Wow! I never would have imagined this many people looking at my work! #awestruck

Six whole months of the year of 2016 are soon to be completed…and what a unique year it has been too. We lost a music legend and television icons and saw our country come together in support of what is right over what we may or may not personally believe in. That’s pretty cool to me, and gives me a great hope for the second six months of what has already shaped itself as one of my personal best years off all time.

My blog, Saintswest.wordpress.com was just a pet project initially. I had always wanted to write and was curious if people would be interested in what I had to say. It became so much more than that, a veritable ‘digital diary’ cataloging my thoughts and feelings as they came to me this year. 

For the year so far, these are my highest rated posts. I’m so honored so many have joined me on this journey. Thank you!

Again, pretty cool to me! 

I love to tell stories, you see, and I’ve fabricated enough of them over time that I could say that some were at least decent or believable — but I wanted to know if any of them were marketable? 

As of today, my confidence in my craft is at an all-time high and I am in pursuit more than affirmation. I am finally taking the necessary steps to publish my young adult stories. I’ve dreamed of this since I was 13 years old and Mrs.Townsend handed me a scholastic publishings order form in her classroom. 

What I saw were not just books, but the many authors ideas brought to life and shared with an audience in a way that transcends time. In a way that even if we as readers forget these wonderful tales, they will always remain in our world. I was immediately hooked.

This particular article, however, is not an exhalation of my abilities nor a mid year report on the state of Saintswest.

It is a thank you.

Touching so many places I’ve never even seen. Now I’ve decided i will visit each and ever country that visited me (finances permitting 😉).

A sincere and heartfelt, bottom of my heart, depths of my soul appreciation to all of you who took the time to read my rants and poetry. Those who laughed with me. Cried, even, at my pain. And those who encouraged me to continue. Those who encouraged me to do better. I salute you all. You helped make my dreams come true! I am eternally thankful.
Here’s to an even better second half in 2016. And to all of you being a part of that as well. Thank you for helping me see what I could not see myself. What those close to me could not see in me either: the potential for not only success, but for indeed greatness! You are my muse.

With respect and love to all who follow,

– Saintswest 



    • You know….I have no actual clue. I write and post daily. Sometimes multiple times. I think most of all I visit many different blogs that inspire and motivate and relate to me in some way. I’d dare say I’m following more blogs than those following me.


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