Can you help me understand? #10


Can you help me understand…
…why it’s easier for me to share my feelings, my fears and my failures with total strangers than for me to confide in my true friends or family?



  1. With strangers, (online and NOT face-to-face): There are no assumed expectations. No roles to fit into. No preconceived notions of how or what we should do or say. There is some freedom that comes from having such a burden lifted; though, I believe it is somewhat of an illusion. Deep down most of us hopes that all human beings possess some code of honor and compassion we can connect with, whether we know them personally or not.

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    • Thank you for reading here today, nichellelei. Yes, I agree with the belief that I hope for some connection without the weight of prior knowledge of who or why. Perhaps I never truly believe I’ve expressed my side of events or perhaps I only want my side portrayed? I have always tried to be unbiased and self-critical (sometimes to a fault) so this may be a possibility. Either way, I thank you for your response.

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  2. In my honest opinion, it is because total strangers do not understand you; they do not claim to ‘know’ your ‘life story’, or at least the story you tell yourself… With strangers you can put on whatever mask you chose. The word ‘person’ derives from ‘persona’, which is ancient Greek for ‘mask’.

    In essence, you are free to unload your apparently meaningful (not saying your ‘problems’ aren’t meaningful, but are anybody’s, really?) ‘issues’ without the risk of being branded a fake etc.

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    • Nice! A very informed and honest response. In truth, my ‘mask’ is typically one of reserve and recluse so when I share with people who do not ‘know’ these things about my personality I am free to say what I feel without fear of judgment. Fascinating and painfully accurate, sir. Thank you for visiting my blog.


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