Excuse me, Miss…


…but you could light the night with that smile
So beautiful
And you just don’t know how
Just a moment of your time
Is all I ask of you
‘Cause when you walk away
You’ll likely leave here at my side today
It’s not game or cocky confidence
I swear this
I’d rather just be real
If what I feel is what I think it is
Soon you’ll be getting chills
You see
I’ve loved you all my days
And my days yours to have
I knew you long before I met you
I prayed you into being
Wait! Don’t take that for a line!
Picture a man who’s lost it all
Gained it all
Still no love to find
Every girl I ever kissed and hugged
Every time that I made love
Every passing THOT
No passing thought
Cuz you’re everything they’re not!
The finished product of a lifetime
Of my searching
Of those times
I tried  to find you in other women
But you’re my journey’s ending
My final girlfriend
I feel like Boyz II Men
I wanna thank you in advance
For being here where I was meant to find you
And for giving love a chance



    • Thank you very much. It is a term I don’t actually use (and I’d rather not say what T.H.O.T. stands for) but it worked in the poem and it had truth to it. And thank you for your kind words. I enjoyed writing this one a lot.


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