Courtesy of dvir5335 @ deviantart.com

I journey through this land unseen
To wrestle with the foul, obscene
Each bout has left my soul unclean
I begged my Lord to intervene

He said to me “you have the tools”
“You know my ways, you know the rules”
“The road to fate is paved with jewels”
“The kind that break and shape a fool”

I would not bow nor could I break
To save my life, my life may take
I battle on for pity’s sake
To save the world that I did make

And in my war my sword hath thrust
Unto the hearts cantankerous
Is there none with whom I trust
Who’ll fight this war until we’re dust?



  1. I come to check out any new stuff anyway but I have only just found out that my notifications for your stuff wasn’t enabled…could you check and do the same? I am just curious an feel I can ask you.


  2. That’s the second time someone has said that. Then I sent them a link – that was fine. Ok, thank you for you help. I will see if I can find out what the problem is. keep writing!

    Liked by 1 person

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