Don’t Stop The Pain


It’s been nearly a year since I’ve been gone
It never really seems to me that long
Us being apart seems so insane
But life don’t stop the pain

I try to get along without you here
But then there is your song within my ear
And it plays over and over again
And that don’t stop the pain

Walking all alone just like I do
Dreaming of a table set for two
Playing on the phone your favorite game
But fun don’t stop the pain

Nothing in this world could steal your love
Nothing in this world felt quite like us
Even if I find fortune and fame
Cash don’t stop the pain

If you ever doubt the way I feel
It will never change what made us real
Even if somehow you feel the same
Thoughts don’t stop the pain

Someday soon I’ll face my own denial
Maybe then I’ll find a way to smile
Must I lose my mind for health to gain?
Then please don’t stop the pain


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