Saintswest’s The Blogvengers!


Howdy, all! I just saw Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War movie and it ignited this crazy, completely useless idea for me to assemble my own team of Avengers….out of the superhuman bloggers that follow my mild mannered blog! The criteria is pretty simple, so if you decide to create your own “Blogvengers” on your site, its easy to do:

To be eligible to be a “Blogvenger”, you must fit seamlessly into at least one of the following categories:

The Blogvengers blogger type:

1. Nick Fury type – Bald (simple, right?)
2. Captain America type – Firm believer in what you blog about
3. Iron Man type – Intelligent or sarcastic blogger
4. Thor type – Blogger with the best hair
5. Hulk type – Fittest or most exciting blogger

Well, there you have it! Silly? Absolutely! Still, I had a lot of fun assembling my squad of daring do-gooders below:

1. Saintswest – Because I’m bald… 😒
2. ReignofFaith – A devout, young blogger
3. – Dude is sharp AND funny
4. Pliscaplace – With those gorgeous locks, was there EVER any doubt?
5. Words Warrior – Dude looks like he can bench press a double wide

There! Team assembled! Our first mission……is to do exactly what you always do. Write awesome blogs! Entertain! Inform!

SAINTSWEST: “Blogvengers! Assemble! Everyone here? Great! Now split up and go defend WordPress from boredom and misinformation 😉”

Maybe this post will start a trend. Who knows what may be next? An ALS Ice Bucket challenge-like viral blog that challenges others to complete a story by finishing the last writer’s sentences, perhaps? Perhaps a photo contest in which one blogger challenges another to guess the poem or story from a single, seemingly unrelated image?
I’m full of terrible ideas, I swear, but what this all really adds up to is a big thank you all for inspiring me. For encouraging me. For making me want to do this forever. Here’s to your creative wells that will never run dry to me.
You all are the real heroes!

8 thoughts on “Saintswest’s The Blogvengers!

    1. Lol. No participation required, my friend. Just appreciation for your amazing blog and devotion. You’re “Captain Christ” on my squad. A cape? Well, okay…but I get to wear Cross Colors!

      Liked by 1 person

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