Can you help me understand? #8

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Can you help me understand…
…why some parents see parenting as a competition?



    • Touché. In that household, how to raise the child simply becomes another opportunity to show up the other parent I presume? It’s frightening if the competition does not benefit the child in some way. What’s it all for then?

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  1. I tend to think they see using the child as a way of hurting the other one so the other parent knows how much they are hurt, especially knowing the child has positive feelings about the opposing parent. It’s like the parent is saying “why don’t you dislike him/her as much as I do? Can’t you see what they’re like?” They have a difficult time separating their emotions from their child’s and allowing the child to be an independent person with their own feelings and opinions.

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    • Sir, this is absolute truth! I completely agree. A common form of child abuse, programming him/her against the other parent. If the parents are bad, the child will grow to see it for themselves. The opposite is true as well.


    • Hello Tikeetha T. Yes, that is a good point as well. They are so busy living their own lives they forget about the others wishes and therein begins the conflict. Thanks for reading, my friend.

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