The Versatile Blogger Award


I have been nominated by the wonderful and truly talented blogger Kissing Fish(check out her blog as well) to do the prestigious Versatile Blogger Award! I am delighted and honored to accept this award and all that it entails. I am truly humbled by all of you who view my blog and I am thrilled that you find some merit in my work. Thank you so much for the nomination and the time to check out my little blog.

The Versatile Blogger Awards guidelines are as follows:
* Download the logo from my blog
* Upload it to your post
* Thank the blogger who nominated you
* Tell 7 things about yourself
* Nominate 5 awesome bloggers of your own!

Alright….now the 7 things about Saintswest:

1. I am the fourth of five children

2. My dream house would have a Police Box restroom in my bedroom and a pool in the backyard where a giant robot would rise from the water and grill me burgers! (Hey, it’s MY dream house, after all!)

3. I have three sons, each one with a nickname that they earned very young in life and still carry today.

4. I can whistle the American National Anthem….backwards!

5. I am very likely the friendliest, most outgoing introvert I have ever met.

6. My three birth given names mean “gift of God”, “strength of God”, and “noble”.

7. I don’t eat most cakes (typically due to loathing of frosting).

And my nominees are:



  1. Love it! You’re such a funny guy and interesting as heck! I always look forward to reading your “little” blog posts! Congrats! You certainly earned it and deserve it.


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