Esperanza Spalding

Esperanza Spalding – Courtesy of Montuno Productions – Photo by Sandrine Lee

Where is my Esperanza Spalding?
My soul cries out to thee

Where is my Jill Scott?
On a long shot
My India Arie?
You see I never needed
The flash believe it
I’m not a fan of those things
Give me your natural hair
And your natural heart
And we’ll start to part
From these things

I want your eyes the way
That my God has made
Them no need to hide
Behind blue or gray
And your lips are mine
Whether full or fine
No shots to make
You like Kim K

Shaped like yourself
All I desire
No phoney body
You’re the only hottie
While the other brothers
Chase Nick Minaji

Need a thick Taraji
With her natural hair

No make up on
She still the best
All naturale 
In the hips and breasts
All original
Don’t believe no less
If you fit the script
Don’t you need distress
You’re divisible
And you are the blessed
They’re invisible
I forget the rest…
..where is my Esperanza Spalding?



      • If only they realised. There’s such beauty in the confidence of being comfortable in one’s own skin. Learning to accept ourselves, despite the flaws, is life altering. The outer shell does not, as we all know, necessarily reflect what happens within our souls. A smile alone is worth more than any plastic fantastic.


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